5 Japanese Dishes That You Must Try

Japanese Dishes

Japan is known for making the spiciest broths and the blandest dishes that are equally loved and enjoyed all over the world. Tokyo is a hub for the foodies who come to explore the street foods and exotic cuisines of Japan. If you are planning to tour Japan to try out some of the most mouthwatering dishes, here are seven dishes you cannot skip during your journey.


It goes without saying that sushi is the most popular Japanese dish in the world. Today, it has become a common dish in several international menus, but you can find the real taste of sushi in the local hotels when you are in Japan. There is a variety of sushi you can find in the streets of Japan. Try exploring all the popular local restaurants to taste every sushi you can eat on your trip.


Another dish that has made a mark in international cuisine is ramen. It is a special bowl of noodles and broth that comes in various flavors. Ramen can taste different in every stall your visit. It is because the toppings of ramen vary based on what the chef serves. The ramen stalls have vending machines where you can pick the type of soup, noodles, and toppings. Once you make the payment, the vending machine will dispense a ticket that you can submit in the kitchen and then just wait for your bowl.


Tempura is another traditional dish that was originally introduced by Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century. It is made of seafood and a lot of vegetables. Battered in egg and flour and fried in vegetable oil, tempura makes the perfect sizzler to start a good meal. It is often served with dishes like udon and soba. You can find exclusive tempura restaurants in the streets of Tokyo, where they serve different styles of this popular dish.


Sukiyaki is a meat treat for all meat lovers. Sukiyaki is cooked in the traditional Japanese hot pot style that is placed at the center of the table. Sukiyaki comes in different variations, which mostly consists of meat but also contains different vegetables, tofu, and Negi, which gives it added texture and taste. Sukiyaki is considered a winter dish and is used to warm the people sitting at the tables while they can enjoy their food.


Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy that you will only find with the best chefs in the streets. It is one of the finest dishes served at the tables. It smells of fresh raw seafood or meat that is thinly sliced and dipped in soy sauce. It contains several other ingredients based on the eater’s requests. Most importantly, it contains wasabi and ginger. Traditionally sashimi is considered the first course of any meal and is strongly flavored.